This Week: Collage Mixed-Media Mash Ups

It was half term week and I had a few days off, so I worked on some small,collaged canvas boards using images of my paintings, wax, cut up pieces of canvas, ribbon, glue, stickers and acrylic paint. Here are the results!

Thanks for those who showed up at the book fair today and bought some things from my table, you are greatly appreciated.



My time is precious

What did I learn this week through a series of art promotion failures?

I learned that my time is valuable and if I do not honour that, no one else will. I won’t do business with people I don’t trust and if they don’t show up to meetings and don’t contact me to rearrange and apologise soon after (if it was an emergency), then I just don’t have time for them. I wish them well, but my time is precious. I work a full time job and need all the energy outside of work for: my family, my art, my art business, TV, books, internet surfing, exercise, meditate or to simply do nothing at all.

I want to put my work out there and try to take every opportunity I can- pushing myself outside comfort zones, but this week reminded me that not everything is for me and I can be selective and say no.

Another thing I realise is: I am not an illustrator. I don’t like illustrating, I find it a real struggle, a weakness—and I don’t feel that I ever get paid enough for the amount of time I have to put into such a venture. So please don’t ask me—unless it really fits in with my style and themes. Also, I am not a graphic designer and while I’m on a rant—I am not trying to reach the ‘mainstream’ with my art- and have never been concerned with doing so. The reason I do art is for my own well-being and because I’m good at it.

This photo below is an abstract painting that I completed last week. I was asked to submit something to be voted on for a cover, but it turns out they wanted something ‘narrative’ so it won’t be used. At least I had fun painting it, and that counts for something!

Abstract Painting by Mary Lou Springstead