My time is precious

What did I learn this week through a series of art promotion failures?

I learned that my time is valuable and if I do not honour that, no one else will. I won’t do business with people I don’t trust and if they don’t show up to meetings and don’t contact me to rearrange and apologise soon after (if it was an emergency), then I just don’t have time for them. I wish them well, but my time is precious. I work a full time job and need all the energy outside of work for: my family, my art, my art business, TV, books, internet surfing, exercise, meditate or to simply do nothing at all.

I want to put my work out there and try to take every opportunity I can- pushing myself outside comfort zones, but this week reminded me that not everything is for me and I can be selective and say no.

Another thing I realise is: I am not an illustrator. I don’t like illustrating, I find it a real struggle, a weakness—and I don’t feel that I ever get paid enough for the amount of time I have to put into such a venture. So please don’t ask me—unless it really fits in with my style and themes. Also, I am not a graphic designer and while I’m on a rant—I am not trying to reach the ‘mainstream’ with my art- and have never been concerned with doing so. The reason I do art is for my own well-being and because I’m good at it.

This photo below is an abstract painting that I completed last week. I was asked to submit something to be voted on for a cover, but it turns out they wanted something ‘narrative’ so it won’t be used. At least I had fun painting it, and that counts for something!

Abstract Painting by Mary Lou Springstead


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