Spontaneous Collaboration, Marriage and Exclusive Rights

I finally finished the Medusa & Trinacria art mobile! I am going to start working on some larger mobiles– painting shapes of canvas together with wooden dowels, beads and yarn.

The last few weeks I have been making little promotional things to give away as business cards. I was also reminded of Joseph Campbell last week at work; thanks to Becky and Willshaw, and of themes I enjoy working with to create narrative work. Spontaneous collaboration happens.

My Coursera MOOC on Learning How to Learn (https://www.coursera.org/learn/learning-how-to-learn) is very interesting and I finished it yesterday. I was reminded that one needs to focus on the process instead of the product, especially when dealing with procrastination. Here’s a quote from the course: ‘By focusing on process rather than product, you allow yourself to back away from judging yourself (Am I getting closer to finishing?) and allow yourself to relax into the flow of the work.’

In art world news, Anish Kapoor has been given the exclusive rights to use the colour called Vantablack, which is a pigment so dark that it absorbs 99.96 percent of the light that hits it. Why get the exclusive rights? –because he can–he’s that powerful! I guess I will have to keep using my Galeria black gesso primer for my darkest dark.

Artist Tracey Emin married a rock!  German pop star Ramma Damma once married a pineapple, so it’s been done, but at least the rock will last longer. Congrats to Tracey E! Solid as a rock and well played.

Happy Easter to those celebrating the holiday today!


Hand Made Business Cards

The artist promotion module of the fabulous Design Craft course at CCAD (where I work as a Learning Support Assistant)  inspired me to make my own business cards by hand! One of the student’s was doing a circular design and I have always loved a good mandala. So I used bits of canvas and my mug to draw out circles, cut them out, and draw and paint my logo, info and imagery. The front promotes my website and the back, my Etsy shop, which is still a work in progress. The canvas cards have a nice tactile feel to them and the circular design is unusual. I made 17 of these cards.

Here is the link for that fabulous course: http://middlesbrough.ccad.ac.uk/designcrafts/

Remember, the process is more important than the final outcome. The outcome is the icing on the cake and mistakes are a vital ingrediant in the recipe of a creative life.


It all takes time and I spread myself thin.

Starting the Etsy shop (robotladypowerart) is going a lot slower than I thought. Of course working full time and getting hooked on Coursera doesn’t help. Have you seen Coursera? It offers free online University courses and I am enrolled in 4 at the moment. https://www.coursera.org/

Still, I need to remember to take the  time to make and share my art. Today, I share some canvases I finished earlier this year based on the artwork and imagery of Pamela Colman Smith (with robots!). She was commissioned to do tarot illustrations by Arthur Edward Waite in 1909 and it became the Rider-Waite deck. They are now in the public domain! I want to know more about her life and plan on doing some portraits of her. http://littleredtarot.com/ancestors-pamela-colman-smith/

So I practiced photographing these canvases as ‘product’ to put on Etsy. This is a lot more challenging and time consuming than I realised- and I am still not finished. I will have to take some more and edit them on Photoshop– and then maybe tomorrow I can list them.

On a different note, I have been consumed by nostalgia and cannot stop listening to alternative music from the 80s! If you hear the sound of synthesizer, know that it’s me. Time to work out.