It all takes time and I spread myself thin.

Starting the Etsy shop (robotladypowerart) is going a lot slower than I thought. Of course working full time and getting hooked on Coursera doesn’t help. Have you seen Coursera? It offers free online University courses and I am enrolled in 4 at the moment.

Still, I need to remember to take the  time to make and share my art. Today, I share some canvases I finished earlier this year based on the artwork and imagery of Pamela Colman Smith (with robots!). She was commissioned to do tarot illustrations by Arthur Edward Waite in 1909 and it became the Rider-Waite deck. They are now in the public domain! I want to know more about her life and plan on doing some portraits of her.

So I practiced photographing these canvases as ‘product’ to put on Etsy. This is a lot more challenging and time consuming than I realised- and I am still not finished. I will have to take some more and edit them on Photoshop– and then maybe tomorrow I can list them.

On a different note, I have been consumed by nostalgia and cannot stop listening to alternative music from the 80s! If you hear the sound of synthesizer, know that it’s me. Time to work out.


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