digital collage for zine part 2

I added some more layers to the digital collage. I have printed these out in black and white and am working on cutting and pasting the text. This should hopefully be done in a week or two. Then it will be off to the local printers to have about 20-30 made. The theme of the zine is the anxiety of an artist and features repetition of the phrase “the anxiety of ___________”. For example: the anxiety of never being able to price your work low enough to sell. These are done in a grungy typewriter font. Then I am adding some counterbalancing thoughts because I know I need to challenge these beliefs and ways of thinking that provoke anxiety. These will be done in a cursive font that reminds me of my childhood self.

I have also been working on creating an Artfinder profile. Needless to say, I have been procrastinating setting up shop since 2013 and am finally on my way. I listed some things on Etsy, but have yet to make any sales. I won’t give up though. I know it takes a lot more than just setting up the shop, you have to promote and market and this takes time. I think I will save Etsy for lower priced, more art craft items and list the paintings on Artfinder.

My recent works are un-stretched but ready to hang between wooden dowels, like wall hangings. I was looking for poster tubes to ship these in, but couldn’t find anything beyond an A0 size. Then lo and behold, I discovered the golf club shipping box– and I ordered 5 to have on hand (in case I actually sell something!)

Thanks for tuning in, lots of love, ML


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