Fear & Loathing in Etsy Land

I’ve been working on my Etsy shop Robot Lady Power Art the last couple of days. Who knew how much time it would take?

Every time I look at my Etsy site I find a mistake– like the 4 paintings I had titled Lanscape instead of Landscape! Still, I think it is looking good and regardless of the fact that I still have 0 sales, years of failing to sell art has made me resilient.

I also realised that I wasn’t using tags properly and this has prevented me from popping up on the search engine. My students that I work with are teaching me and their encouragement makes my heart glow.

I am using a kitchen scale and Royal Mail ‘Our Prices’ print out. This helps with the shipping estimates.

I downloaded an Etsy seller App to my phone. It annoyingly reminds me when I open it up that I haven’t had any activity (sales) and to click here for tips on how to make my shop better. And I do click and I will read them because I obviously need the help.

I’m in it for the long haul, so sales or no sales. I admit that I googled ‘I haven’t sold anything on my Etsy’ and read the many forum responses to this issue. Many of the people who said in 2014 that they never sold anything still haven’t sold much today.

Maybe I should not expect my art to sell.  But I am going to get out in that marketplace and I know that as a smart creative, something will come of it, even if I learn from failure.

On a different note, I went to see the degree show at Cleveland College of Art & Design and Hartlepool and was blown away by the talent and things I saw. Well done!!!!!

See you on the flip side, ML

P.S. Here are some photos that I’ve been taking for Etsy– I laugh at trying to include ‘lifestyle’ shots that reflect my ‘brand’ and my ‘story’. Today, we are all just little corporations, though I still have to pay taxes.



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