Summer of Taking it Slowly

Sometimes making art can be challenging and it feels like a struggle. If I feel too frustrated, I stop and take a break; walking or physical activity is the best way to shift gears.

However, it is important to finish projects. This can also be challenging when the deadline is completely self-directed and the material rewards may be non-existent.

There are plenty of other rewards though for finishing a project. It builds a solid momentum of discipline and in the best of times, feel liberating.

Today I finished these urban landscapes.

I will call them ‘Middlesbrough Calling’. They are approximately 14.5cm x 21cm (5.75” x 8.25), made with acrylic and pen & ink on 300 gsm (140 lb) watercolour paper.

I used photos I took when my parents were visiting and we were walking around town. It was a sunny day with blue skies.  Then, instead of ‘put a bird on it’ (Portlandia television show reference), I ‘put a robot on it’.

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