Human Artist: Identity, Memory, Location

I am in the process of creating a large-ish hanging mobile. It centers around the theme of memory, identity and location. I’m using some google map screen shots for references along with some photos I took.  I google mapped places I lived throughout Florida. This could be infringing copyright law with google as they own the images, but I am painting them from scratch, using them only as references. Seeing as how I doubt I will profit on this and I’ll be changing them enough, I feel like this is fair use. Also, I am virtually invisible in the art world– so really, who cares- why do I even bother worrying about this shit? Please sue me Google, for I could use some publicity!

The mobile will include painted mandalas (which is just any design or imagery within a circle). I glued some unstretched canvas together- the circles are the size of a plate and bowl. I will paint different scenes on the front and back, no doubt adding symbols and characters, beads and sparkly things along the way.


Today, it’s bittersweet to look at the photos from 2009-2010, remembering that huge time of transition- leaving my house, studio, pets– yeah ex-husband too– but I was ready for that one (we are both remarried now to other people, happy and friends). Leaving the house, the nature, the pets and my stuff was harder. I took risks and sacrificed- starting a new relationship and forging a new life. It was worth it, but the older I get the less dramatic/traumatic I would wish life to be.

Someday I will go back to Florida for a visit and get some closure. Visit family- my ex is still storing a bunch of my stuff and he would probably appreciate me sorting it out- what the heat and humidty hasn’t rotted. The cat I left there died last year. The dog’s still there, but she was a new addition and I hadn’t spent that much time with her like the cat, still for 6 months we were companions.

Here are some photos from my last time living in Florida- 2010.

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