Rough Week as a Demented Sea Lion

It’s been a rough week and I’m sure my hormonal cycle didn’t help. Our beloved cat Parmocita had acute renal failure. I’m happy to say she is on the mend after spending days at the vets getting a drip where they filled her with fluids and flushed out her kidneys. Mental health wise, I found it hard not to despair. She’s eating again and her old behaviours are back (stealing seats, stealing my leg space as she sleeps with us at night, and glaring at me for treats, which I’m not allowed to give her at the moment).


The other stressor is that it’s time to apply for a spousal visa renewal- yes, 2.5 years have already flown by. I’ve been working on it for a while, I do not procrastinate with this. Unfortunately, I am not an immigration solicitor or a financial genius. Being either of these two would have helped immensely. I just bumble my way through and try to jump through all the hoops like a demented sea lion, praying I have all the evidence and documentation that I need.


So the artwork has definitely taken a back burner, though I’m in the studio today. This week I returned back to my day job as a learning support assistant at the fabulous Cleveland College of Art and Design. I did some drawing alongside the students and thoroughly enjoyed the tutors’ approach. Here are some examples.


Yesterday, I listened to a webinar by Brainard Carey called ‘Patrons and Sponsors for Artists’. It was very interesting and gave me some hope about getting some patrons in the future. I like the idea. It also introduced me to Patreon, which is a crowdfunding site for artists and creators- check it out at

I know it is September 11th today and a reminder of that tragic day many years ago- and yet the endless war continues- some done by ‘evil doers’ some done by so called democratic nations in the guise of ‘liberation’ and ‘freedom’. I am deeply saddened by these world events and struggle to find meaning and hope. Sending my love to all the peace loving people in the world affected by war- especially to all the displaced peoples and those living smack dab in the middle. I wish I could do more and I wish my vote could count for peace and justice instead of more glorification and continuation of the war machine. I’ve never been a big flag waver and feel free to defriend me on Facebook if this offends you.

All of my love, ML



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