Featured in Lungs, Checking my Bad Attitude

First off,  the good stuff!

I am featured in Lungs 2016. Lungs is a contemporary art publication featuring the work of emerging artists in the North East, UK. Lungs project is developed by Angela Wingate, Marta Rubinato and Rebecca Burdon. It is filled with much talent and I am happy to be included! It is lush and can be ordered here for £5 while copies last: http://lungsproject.bigcartel.com/.


I also finished some more ‘Death Out and About’ mini canvases. I will be listing these soon on my Etsy site for £10 each! https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/robotladypowerart


So today I was aware of my bad attitude, my stinking thinking and the need to adjust my attitude asap. I am mentioning this because I bet a lot of people struggle with this-not just me. Here are some of the negative thoughts I’ve been thinking:

  1. Why bother making more artwork? It just sits here at home because I am incapable of selling it, marketing my work and finding other places for it. What’s the point?
  2. What is wrong with me? I’m nearly 46 with 2 master’s degrees and yet barely make above minimum wage. Maybe high school was the high point of my success, how sad is that? I’m tired.
  3. I am in a rut here in the UK- maybe I won’t be able to make it here after all. Then again, I am still waiting to here about my visa renewal, so the home office might kick me out anyways, for being such a loser.

OK, you get the point, I’ll stop there.

Here is my higher self-adjusting my attitude.

  1. The point is that you’re an artist and must keep making art. You do work on marketing your work the best you can and will improve in time. Most of your art is unstretched lately, so don’t worry about the space, they can be rolled up and stored easily.
  2. You are not a loser and have had so much good fortune in your life, including parents who have generously helped you get an education and supported you many times. Lots of people struggle with finding the right work and you are tenacious. You actually really enjoy your job as a learning support assistant at the art college the staff and students are great.  2.8 billion people on the planet live on less that $2.00 per day and I have plenty of food and clean water, so I’m doing good. You have so much to be grateful for, so don’t give up and stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  3. It might seem like you are in a rut, but this is an illusion. You are lucky to be here and have managed many challenges to get here. Home Office is gonna show you the love. The people you’ve met here and who have supported for your art have been a huge improvement from the isolation found in Florida. Stop being so hard on yourself.

Can anyone relate?

All my love, ML


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