Keeping Optimism Alive in the Era of Trump, Brexit, Ecocide and Narcissism

What interesting times we live in!

What can I say?

I have debated with and unfollowed people on Facebook. I have watched YouTube videos about narcissistic personality disorder and an analysis of narcissism in The Era of Trump from the perspective of depth psychologists.

I have enjoyed an interview on The Young Turks with John Cusack- who knew he was such a righteous dude?

The last straw this weekend was an interview with Chris Hedges on confronting the signs of a society in decline.  He is a brilliant and intelligent man who was a war correspondent for 20 years. But after this interview, I felt like slashing my wrists- what’s the point? We’re all doomed apparently.  It was nearly as depressing as the U.S. presidential debates.  I just can’t go there anymore and am glad I never had children.

So, I have come to this conclusion that too much is out of my control, so I am going to enjoy life the best I can and embrace suffering. I will express my anger in healthy ways. I will avoid doomsday scenarios. I will take time to unplug from mass consciousness.

I want to share some older works I found today while cleaning out my tiny, tiny studio.

Big hug,




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