I Deleted 75% of My Website

Dear Reader,

There was just too much on it. I don’t need to put so much on it. Instead, I chose: 5 photos for the first page, a bio that is two sentences long, a link to my blog, a link to my Etsy shop and a contact page. Voila! www.marylouspringstead.com

I’ve been researching the art business lately. It’s a lot of work to make a living as an artist. Ain’t easy, never has been- but I’m in it for the long haul- or until something better comes along (including death).

I work a full-time job, so I need to be patient and set realistic goals. There’s no hurry really and it will come. It’s ok to be hungry, as long as you aren’t starving.

I will do what I can with what I have. I will self-care and then help others. If I’m sick and tired- you’re all on your own.