Massive ML Update

It’s been a while. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Made a trippy profile picture using selfies and Photoshop.
April Fool’s Book Fair at the Python Gallery, Middlesbrough
Some things you make because you have to, not because you think they will sell. This mobile will feature double sided paintings of places and areas where I’ve lived.
More complicated than I thought- 12 mandala canvases from large to small- a painting on front and back- total 24 paintings, though 4 are very small (2″ in diameter). Still, a lot of work to do.
from which the mobile shall hang
Unfinished bookmarks- angels and skeletons and skulls
unfinished postcards- angels, sea creature and robots
almost finished– collage, pen and paint bookmarks and postcards
‘You should do more of these’ my husband said, but I won’t. This was a demonstration of how to actually get something done in self-directed study time at the college where I work. I was hoping that even if the students would not listen to me, I could show them through example what it’s like to practice and work as an artist. It’s on a rather large sheet of paper (32″ x 24″) acrylic paint. I like how I captured the light. I worked from a photo I had taken at Grayton Beach, Florida. The skeleton was from an online source, he looks a bit funky and alien, but oh well.
The ongoing Edmonia Lewis painting- I will finish this someday, it hasn’t been easy, but this artist is remarkable, so it’s worth it and I hope to do her justice.