What if?

Today, I dragged the big piece of plywood downstairs and outside to photograph some art. I plan on submitting work this month and need some decent photos. Can’t wait to hire a professional to do this. Someday I will.

Wouldn’t it be weird to have gallery representation- and upcoming exhibitions? Selling, selling-  so that I would not be allowed to share my work freely on social media? I would have to keep it secret until the show. I would have to sign all kinds of contractual agreements and pay 50% commission all the way. No more buying directly from the artist! No more Etsy or Artfinder!

I would have to quit my day job and make a lot of art. I would lead intimate and expensive workshops in my studio, becoming a cult-like guru artist character. I would give artist talks and interviews, getting so good at it that I would no longer need to take a beta-blocker to do so. I could even start an online creative life coaching business or something. I would write self-help books for artists and make a fortune!

If I was earning a good living from making art, I would need an assistant, an accountant, an agent and a housecleaner. Also, if I was earning over £80,000 and was a UK citizen- would I vote Tory? I doubt it. Half for me, half for Labour government please (or maybe even the Greens someday).

Edmonia Lewis small file
Edmonia Lewis, 2017
Gobbledygook Gang small file
Gobbledygook Gang, 2016
Love and Transcendence small file
Love and Transcendence, 2016
Memories of Home small file
Memories of Home, 2016
Pamela Colman Smith small file
Pamela Colman Smith, 2017
Peg Powler small size
Peg Powler, 2017
Victor and Jacqueline small file
Victor and Jacqueline, 2017