Today I am gathering images for the beginning pages of my Zine #3: Take the Last Brexit to Trumpland. I found some photographs, opened them up grey-scale in Photoshop and stretched them out to fill an A4 page. I will print them out on my sketchbook paper so I can then draw, paint and collage text and imagery, adding layers until it achieves a certain look.

The photos are from my visit to Florida over the summer and on my adventures here around Middlebrough. I like the distorted look of the stretched-out ones; the elongated trees and buildings resonate. It could be symbolic of these distorted and out-of-balance times that we live in.

I wonder how I will express and formulate the ideas within this issue. Using headlines and news, self-care techniques and visionary thinking from experts; I hope to really spill my guts on this one. Ready to bleed.