The Big October Update- Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

When I was feeling a bit stuck, I grabbed a selection of books and used some of the imagery within as references to create spontaneous narratives.  They are A3 size, watercolour and ink on paper. Enjoy.


Zine #3 is finally back from the printer! You can buy it here for £3.25 plus shipping: Take the Last Brexit to Trumpland

I have added some paintings and bookmarks to my Etsy shop! The photos are below. Here are the links to purchase- prices range from £3.50-£18. Bookmark Art & Canvases

I refuse to normalize this bullshit!  Durga Restores the Balance: This work references the ‘Goddess Durga Killing Mahishasura’ circa 1870, Bengal, India. Durga is the warrior goddess who defeated demonic forces that threatened peace and prosperity. As the creator of the Universe, Durga has no problem unleashing her anger against wrongdoers- divinely nasty! I have used the logo of the Republican party, the elephant, with Trump sprouting out of it, to represent the demon. I believe that the current US administration led by Trump and his cult-like followers is a danger to life on earth. I hope that democracy will be restored in the States and worldwide through a mass shift in consciousness and active participation in democratic forces globally. Trump is only one part of a larger game being played where neoliberalism, austerity, poverty and war have created growing far-right (so-called) populist movements. Time to restore the balance. This work will be exhibited and hopefully sold to raise money for the Nasty Women North East conference- click on the link:  Nasty Women North East