Postcards from the Edge

I made some postcards for the upcoming show in July. They feature some of the imagery from the collage work I did for some of the canvases. This collage features letters that Morbid and I wrote to each other from 2008-2010, drawings, photographs and film magazine images/text from the 1970s.

Each postcard is different and has an eye formed out of a gold yarn with mini sequins. This could be symbolic of the golden thread that embraces the other and welcomes the vision that acceptance of the other will bring.

These will be for sale at the show for £3 each.

We are also working on a zine which will be available throughout the exhibition.

Exciting times!

IMG_9961IMG_9962IMG_9963IMG_9964IMG_9965IMG_9966IMG_9967IMG_9968IMG_9969IMG_9970show flyer email size