Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice Everybody!

It’s been a mixed day for me; a leak in the bathroom has been stressing me out, along with trying to finish work for the upcoming show (opens July 6th @ Python Gallery).

But the solstice didn’t let me down, as the fabulous writer/editor Kate Garrett-Nield contacted me about using one of my ‘Death Out and About’ paintings on the cover of her newest chapbook ‘Land and Sea and Turning’, which will be published by CWP (Cringe-Worthy Poets) Collective Press in the States!

This really made my f***ing day because I was feeling down in the dumps about the bathroom leak and struggling with the art;  having negative thoughts about it, feeling like no one cares and that I will die penniless and alone (because I will probably outlive Morbid).

Then Kate contacted me and it was a reminder that people do care and that if we stick together, we can thrive.

Here is Kate’s website: Kate Garrett Writes

Here is Cringe-Worthy Poets site: Cringe Worthy Poets Collective Press


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