Exhibition still up and I am back from Florida!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged- mainly because I was super busy getting the exhibition ready.  Then, I flew off to Brooksville, Florida for 3 weeks where I had a nice time in the woods, visiting Mom & Dad, siblings, nieces, nephews, uncles, banana spiders, cows and Rocky the cat.

Back to the exhibition- it is up until August 31st at the Python Gallery in Middlesbrough. If you haven’t seen it yet and can pop down, please do so. TP Cafe is there and the opening hours are Monday-Friday 8.30-5.00 pm. They have delicious coffee and food.

I’m proud of this two person show, a collaboration between my husband (p.a. morbid) and myself. Few couples have art exhibitions together, so it is certainly unique. Our styles are different, but we are both intuitive and visionary.  p.a. morbid is self-taught and prolific while I have been schooled and am obsessive, taking many hours or years to finish one piece. He tends to work fast, though his pieces can gestate for many months. Mine gestate as well and I often work from references, challenging myself to render a scene or character. Sometimes I work spontaneously with no imagery in mind, but often I have a plan. p.a. morbid is the same, often incorporating words and poetry with his imagery.

We had a great opening night, a lot of friends and supporters turned out. I am looking forward to going down to the gallery and reading the comments left behind in the book.


I am also including some of my favourite photographs from my recent holiday in Brooksville, Florida. The property I grew up on (from age of 5 upwards) and where my parents still live is magical. It was the wettest I’d seen it, as they have had much rain over the past months. The pastures were spongy and there were streams everywhere, some washing away parts of the road and driveway.

The oak trees just keep getting bigger and the place was full of life: hawks, crows, wild turkeys, deer, spiders, lizards, mosquitoes, frogs, wild pigs, cows and grasshoppers (just to name a few).

DSC09494DSC09516DSC09530DSC09535DSCN9834DSC09958DSC09539DSC09556DSC09566DSC09571DSC09594DSC09604DSC09606DSC09631DSC09945DSC09949DSC09957DSC09961DSCN0056DSCN9783DSCN9787DSCN9821DSCN9828DSCN9936DSCN9957DSCN9966DSCN9984FullSizeRender (1)


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