I may be an amateur artist, but my work is as good as any professional.

Today I accept that I am an amateur. Why? – because I don’t have the motivation, influence, connections or luck to make a living as an artist, selling my art.

Today, I am not willing to do what it takes on the business side of things.

Really, I am just interested in making things when I want to, or expressing myself through visual art when I have to.

Today I give up on being a professional artist. Today I embrace being an amateur.

I used to feel insulted when people called my art amateur. Not anymore, because I am still an artist and my work is as good as any professional.

I will still try to sell things when I can and promote myself, but I can’t do it full time because I would starve to death and be homeless. I need to be honest with myself about this- it might never happen, this professional artist thing. I need to let it go, just for today. I like having a day job and enjoy having a roof over my head and some food in the fridge (mainly beans and rice).

I will still have to file self-employment, self assessment tax with HMRC. Just because I am an amateur doesn’t mean I might not sell something, mainly my soul to the devil on the crossroads to survive in this world. Of course I will declare this.

Enough of my rambling- let’s look as some art.

Here is a series of mixed-media pieces I made for our show ‘Face of the Other’.

These pieces were created specifically for the show. They include collaged letters from p.a. morbid and myself from 2008-2010. They also include personal photos and drawings, along with images and text from film magazines of the 1970s. The semi-abstract faces represent the strangeness of falling in love with someone you have never met in person, someone who is somewhere so utterly different.



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