Commercial Ventures into Christmas Stall Land

For those who lament that they can’t afford my work- shurrup and show up with your pound coins!

Thanks to the generosity of Middlesbrough Council, I am selling my makes at a Christmas Stall in the town centre on Dec. 8th-10th. I am working my fingers to the bones, hand painting cards, bookmarks, sketchbook covers (on blank A5 Cass Art sketchbooks) and postcards.

Those who know me, know I am obsessed with doing everything by hand, though there will be some limited small prints for sale.

I am also keeping everything very affordable from £2-18.50. Yeah, I know I won’t get rich doing this, but I might break even in art supplies and that would be good.

Most things will be Robot themed with a few Death Out and Abouts.

I am also making a limited range of Holiday cards which seem to have a theme of 50’s mod style cats or Sci-fi. Then there are the Krampus cards, which are scarily delightful.


2 thoughts on “Commercial Ventures into Christmas Stall Land

  1. Hi marylou
    I love your cards. Could I get three of the black cat ones and one of the ufo flying around the Xmas tree.

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