Happy New Year 2019

So far this year, I am in the process of decluttering my box room studio and maximising work space.

Those of you who struggle with clutter, you know that this is not an easy task and I am having to do it in small bursts of activity. I’ve only lived in the UK for 8 years and I am amazed at the amount of stuff I have collected.

As an artist, I tend to not want to throw away any packaging or random objects with the intentions of making stuff out of it.  However, I have now consciously made the decision that since I work at home and the fact that my studio is the size of a walk in closet, I must limit my media to painting, drawing or collage on paper and canvas, photography, video and music.

While cleaning, I found this series from 2012. I had them wrapped up safely with old shower curtains, plastic bags and bubble wrap.

This series reminds me of seeing a place with fresh eyes and mystery, along with expressing my inner world of emotions, unconscious thoughts and desires.



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