Le Culte de la Mort Zombie

I finished a small canvas based on some images from the anti lock-down protests happening lately in the States.

Photojournalist Joshua Bickel from the Columbus Dispatch took a shot (link to photo) that went viral of protesters in Ohio. Folks on the internet were comparing the photograph to a film still from the zombie dark comedy Shaun of the Dead.  I painted this using an impasto technique with acrylic, something I can only do on a small scale as paint is a limited resource.

I then collaged some militia protestors standing in front of the Michigan governors office captured by Seth Herald/Reuters Michigan. I knew that Saturday subscription to The Guardian would come in handy. (link to photo)

I used my expressionistic style to create even more tension and drama, The piece is busy and dynamic. Lovers of minimalism need not apply for a viewing.

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Le Processus

Step 1

first step

Step 2

second step

Step 3

third step

Step 4

fourth step

Step 5

fifth step

Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Art

I listed some new inventory on the Etsy shop!

Just some adorable and affordable little delights for this absurd and dangerous time of demagogues. Enjoy!

Whitby Abbey and Robot Painting


Robot Selfie with Highland Moo


Desert Rainbow Storm


Purple Retro Robot Sketchbook


Retro Robot Sketchbook


Retro Robot Sketchbook


Robot Art Bookmark


Robot Art Bookmark


Robot Art Bookmark


Robot Art Bookmark


Robot Art Bookmark


Robot Art Bookmark


Robot Art Bookmark




IMG_2548 (1)
We are in Covid-19 isolation, but I still need to do my monthly blog, so I am featuring this lovely satirical watercolour on paper: Mar-a-Lago-a-Pendejo, 21cm x 29cm, 2020.
It is based on scenes and characters from the 1977 Disney film The Rescuer’s where evil Medusa kidnaps a sweet little orphan girl to send down a cave to get a diamond. Medusa lives in an old riverboat in Devil’s Swamp with her two pet alligators Brutus and Nero.
I think I am drawn to swamp imagery as Trump uses the phrase ‘drain the swamp’ in his creepy rallies. He is the ultimate swamp creature; corrupt businessman turned politician.
Brutus (Et Tu?) is wearing a MAGA hat in the foreground.
When I found the reference online (Official Trump Propaganda), I had to rotate it and the writing became reversed. I decided to keep the Make America Great Again backwards because it is a backwards philosophy or way of thinking, in my opinion.
I am hopeful about the world recovering from the Covid-19 virus in the next 6-12 months. Of course for those who die, the grief work continues indefinitely by those who love them.
I am less than optimistic about my country of origin recovering from Trumpism any time soon. Because even if he loses the next election, the damage has already been done.
I wish we could all be rescued by an international mouse society within the United Nations like in The Rescuers, but we have succumbed to a dangerous nationalism that is uncaring and ignorant.
Mar-a Lago is the swamp, Pendejo is Spanish slang for dumbass.

Hiding Out in Devil’s Bayou

This watercolour painting combines inspiration from the 1977 animated Disney film ‘The Rescuers’ with Edel Rodriguez’s amazing Trump illustrations for magazine covers like Time.

Here we have a little orphan hiding in Devil’s Swamp while the Orange Authoritarian hunts her down.

Happy Leap Year Everybody!

Hiding Out in Devil's Bayou feb
Hiding Out in Devil’s Bayou, watercolour, ink pen on paper, 21cm x 29cm, 2020

A Lifetime of Temporary Place

I made a mobile.

It took me years to complete.

I finished it in 2018.

It is made up of round paintings strung into one kinetic sculpture.

The paintings are from images of different places I have lived in or by.

I will never make another one, it was insanely tedious.

It lives above my stairs now.


The mobile as it hangs in my hallway, not so kinetic at the moment
Hanging in the Python Gallery, 2018, Face of the Other show with p.a. morbid
Brooksville, Florida
Brooksville, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Middlesbrough, UK
Middlesbrough, UK
Middlesbrough, UK
Brooksville, Florida
Brooksville, Florida
Bayport, Florida
Grayton Beach, Florida
Middlesbrough, UK
Middlesbrough, UK
Middlesbrough, UK
Redcar, UK
Brooksville, Florida
Bayport, Florida
Grayton Beach, Florida
Grayton Beach, Florida
Middlesbrough, UK
Middlesbrough, UK
Middlesbrough, UK
Saltburn, UK

Published Again

Annotation 2019-12-25 161946

Happy New Year- especially to all of the poets and writers who have appreciated and supported me.  Because of you, my artwork has been featured in many publications.

The latest is  “Chain Letter to America: The One Thing You Can Do to End Racism”a collection of essays, fiction and poetry celebrating multiculturalism by Jacques Fleury.

Jacques contacted me, asking for permission to use a detail of my painting “Ushering the Emigrants” on the front cover.

Of course I said yes. He was a delight to work with- very kind and thoughtful.

The book is now published. You can check it out here: Authorhouse.com.

You can purchase it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble (eBook or printed version).

Here is a blurb about the author that is on Author House website:

Jacques Stanley Fleury, is a Haitian-American Poet, Educator and Boston Globe featured author of three books available at The Harvard Book Store, The Boston Public Library & online. He holds an undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts and pursuing graduate studies in the literary arts at Harvard University online. His hitherto magnum opus Chain Letter to America: The One Thing You Can Do to End Racism is an omnium gatherum of essays, fiction and poetry espousing social justice and embracing multiracial-multicultural identities & their respective contributions to our society. He is published locally and internationally & has made personal appearances at North Eastern & Harvard Universities among others. His CD A Lighter Shade of Blue as a lyricist in collaboration with folk group Sweet Wednesday is available on iTunes & Spotify to benefit Haiti charity St. Boniface. He is a Cantabrigian living in the great state of Massachusetts.

How did he find out about me? It was through some art I sent to  Oddball Magazine, an online eclectic lit magazine. Chad Parenteau, poet and writer had contacted me about submitting. Chad likes my political artwork in particular. He used my painting with Jacque’s poem  Ramblings in Trump Era America.

Here is the original painting from 2015.

Ushering the Emigrants

Illustrations in ‘How to Break a Horse’ by Jo Colley

My illustrations are featured in a new pamphlet How to Break a Horse by Jo Colley, published by Blueprint Press.

Blueprint Press was started by Jo Colley and Julie Hogg. This press gives opportunities to published poets who are between collections and have a small set of poems that they would like to showcase.

Jo Colley is a fabulous poet and prose writer here in the Northeast of England. She lives in Darlington. She was poet in residence for the Northern Poetry Library from 2016-2018, and helped created the Poem of the North website. Her next full collection, Sleeper, will be published by Smokestack in 2020.

I really enjoyed illustrating these provocative and image-filled poems.

Julie Hogg is also launching her pamphlet Eleutheromania. She is a big supporter and collector of my art (and bookmarks) and I have nothing but love for this woman.

If you are interested in purchasing, please email blueprintpoetry@gmail.com.

You can also ask them for information about the soft launches that will be happening this year and next. 


I completed five illustrations for the poems in this pamphlet, three were chosen to be published.

I have included all five below for my die-hard fans.

How to break a horse email sizeMy Dress Hangs There email sizeAshes to ashes email sizeCold grey sea email sizeThe Word email size

Zine #5: World Weary and Looking for Soul

My yearly zine is at the printers!

This year I used images only, rendered in pencil with some collage. This was a far messier affair than expected as I used no fixative. I had to lay paper in between the sheets to protect from smudging. My hands were covered in graphite every time I worked on it. Frequent hand washing was required.

My concept for this zine began over the summer while I was listening to an audio-book by Michael Meade called Awakening the Soul. Here is a blurb from his website.

Awakening the Soul addresses issues of the loss of soul throughout the world and the loss of meaning and truth in modern life. Using ancient myths and stories and compelling insights, Michael Meade illustrates how meaning is essential to the human soul and describes how soul can be recovered and people can learn to “live in truth.”

Drawing from dramatic episodes in his own life, Meade shows how the soul tries to awaken at critical times, and how an awakened soul is crucial for finding medicine to treat the ailments and alienation of modern life. What we need now is not a minor repair, but a major transformation of the world that can only start with the awakening of the individual soul.

I illustrated some of the crises happening  now, working with topical images found in the news and artwork references from modern artists. I wish I had been surprised by the apocalyptic outcome.

The themes addressed are: political tomfoolery and destructive populism,  the rise of fascism and the far right, crises of meaning in a virtual world,  ongoing climate catastrophe and social protest movements.

As usual, it came out differently than expected.

UPDATE: They can be purchased from my Etsy shop Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Art! 

CoverPage 1 2Page 3 4Page 5 6Page 7 8Page 9 10Back CoverBack Cover Detail

Linthorpe Cemetery Sketches

Hello- it’s been a while. I blog once a month, but took August off.

How are you?

Autumn is here and I am back doing learning support at the art college. So my time to draw in the cemetery is limited. However, if I didn’t have a job, I would be too stressed out to enjoy drawing- so it’s a trade off.

September 22, 2019
September 21, 2019
September 1, 2019
August 27, 2019
August 23, 2019
August 21, 2019
August 20, 2019
August 18, 2019
August 13, 2019
August 12, 2019
August 9, 2019
August 8, 2019